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Call for Proposals of the Minister of Foreign Affairs


Acting on the basis of the Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteerism, dated April 24, (O. J. No 96, item 873 with further amendments)

announces the Call for Proposals to implement activities under:

„Polish Aid Programme 2008"

The aim of the Programme is to carry out assistance projects as specified by the „Polish Aid Programme 2008"

  1. The organisations eligible to compete in the Call for Proposals are non - profit NGOs (as defined by Law on Public Benefit Activity and Volunteerism dated April 24, (O. J. No 96, item 873 with further amendments) which are not state-funded and which are registered in the Republic of Poland (in compliance with the regulations on public funding).
  2. Financial assistance devoted to the implementation of the abovementioned Programme amounts to PLN 25 000 000. One organisation may file a few applications which can refer to one or more recipient countries.
  3. Accepted projects have to be implemented by 2008-12-31.
  4. Deadline for applications is 2008-03-05 (date of receipt). Applications received after this date will be disregarded.
  5. Applications will be evaluated by the Call Committee in compliance with the criteria specified in the regulations of the Call. Information on selected, successful Applicants. will be published on wwww.polishaid.gov.pl website not later than 2008-04-19.
  6. Applicants shall bear the costs of application preparation. We suggest that all Applicants acquaint themselves with the Guidelines for NGOs as well as General Terms and Conditions of MFA's financial assistance.
  7. Last year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs implemented polish aid projects worth PLN 25 499 514.
  8. In order to apply you need to:
  • read all relevant documents (only available in the Polish language): Regulations of the Call, General Terms and Conditions of Financial Assistance, Guidelines for NGOs;
  • register your organisation as User of polskapomoc.gov.pl website. If you already have an active account, you need to log into the system.

More information on our web pages in Polish.


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