Polska pomoc


Buy clothes responsibly – raising consumers awareness of problems in the garment industry in the developing countries and promotion of ethical alternatives

The project was addressed to the Polish society, and was implemented between the 1st of June and the 31stof December 2012. Its purpose was to spread knowledge about the abuses during the process of clothes production in the developing countries, and to encourage Polish consumers to take pro-civil and pro-ecological shopping decisions. The emphasis was also placed on increasing the readiness of Polish designers and clothing brands for sustainable production of clothes.

The project was a part of the 3-year educational campaign implemented by Związek Stowarzyszeń Polska Zielona Sieć from January 2012, in partnership with the non-governmental organisations from Austria and Germany. The themes of the campaign are a response to one of the key challenges of the modernity: the problem of human rights violations and degradation of natural environment in the globalised supply chain of textile and clothing industry.

The aim of the project is to improve the situation of the workers and increasing the environmental standards in the global textile and clothing industry through the development and popularisation of fashion created with respect for human rights and environment, in the Polish market. 

Three main activities were organised as part of the project:

On 12-14 of October 2012 in Exhibition and Congress Centre of the Lodz International Fairs 30 exhibitors showcased clothing for children and adults manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and with respect for human rights. Responsible Fashion Fair WearFair was accompanied with sewing, recycling and eco-design workshops. In the “exchange area” the participants were able to exchange used clothes, and during the lectures and film screenings the visitors could discover the reality behind the price tag of their clothes, both more and less eco-friendly. During the Fair, a debate “Responsible fashion – actions, successes, challenges” was held, that was attended by several foreign experts .

The content of the manual of good practices “Towards the responsible fashion” was updated, and 500 copies were published. It is addressed to fashion designers and the representatives of the clothing companies. In the book, social and environmental problems of the clothing industry in and outside Poland, with special emphasis on the developing countries. The phenomenon of responsible fashion respecting high social and environmental standards was also disc used in the publication.

As part of the project, extensive promotion of the Responsible Fashion Fair WearFair took place. The promotional activities, carried out both in the traditional media and on the internet, were aiming at raising awareness of the consumers about the abuses in the clothing industry in the developing countries, and promoting the responsible alternatives available in the Polish market. 8,000  flyers were produced, as well as 400 posters, and 500 copies of the exhibitors’ catalogue.