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Between the trees 2 - volunteering for most vulnerable groups in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

In the time period between June 18th and December 31st One World Association in cooperation with El Nahual carried out a project for Indian society of the Guatemalan town Quetzaltenango. The majority of the activities conducted by the volunteer took place in the Pacaja district, located at the administrative borders of the town, but definitely of the rural character. The addressees of the project were people in the toughest situation – children and youths having limited access to education, older women – inhabitants of a nursing home. Activities conducted by the volunteer had also an immediate impact on their families – in total around 500 people.

The objective of the project was to even the educational opportunities and to socially integrate inhabitants of Quetzaltenango. Lack of prospects to obtain education by the indigenous people deepens the abyss between respective groups of the Guatemalan community and prevents the improvement of living conditions for those who were at the losing position from the start. Ensuring the universal primary education is the second Millennium Development Goal - the project fits into its realization, as well as corresponded with the aims of the polish aid in 2010, according to which education is one of the priority sectors of aid in Latin America.

The volunteer conducted workshops and extra-circular activities for children and youths (workshops about sustainable development and ecotourism, also sports, art, music and theater classes). The volunteer taught English in schools that lack teachers of this subject, she conducted classes for women in the nursing home and organised 4 cultural and sport events for the local community: sports tournaments, exhibit of children’s works, carols concert, and Nica Valores concert. 21 workshops concerning sustainable development were held and 420 students from three schools partook in them, 24 sports classes were organised for 100 children, 25 art classes attended by 20 children, of which 15 performed at the carols concert, took place. Also polish fables became an inspiration for organising 30 theater classes attended by 75 people. As a part of teaching English 278 hours of classes attended in total by 308 students in 5 different schools took place, while in the nursing home for women 12 meetings were held, a carols concert, a theater performance, and a meeting with girls being a part of Nina Valores were also organised.