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Bet on the development! The sustainable one!

The project was carried out from 1 June to 20 December 2013 by the Centre for Environmental Activities "Zrodla” in cooperation with the Foundation “Article 25”. It aimed at popularizing among teachers global education issues related to sustainable development, for instance sourcing of raw materials, impact of production on the environment and local communities, climate change, access to water and food production. Bearing in mind both, the content as well as an attractive form of classes for children in the higher grades of primary schools, authors of the project prepared the publication “Bet on the sustainable development. Lesson plans for students in grades IV-VI of primary schools” (in Polish), the set of 17 classroom activities.

Additionally, 14 presentations and 5 tests prepared by the NGOs representatives working on global education (e.g. Foundation “Article 25”, Institute of Global Responsibility, Polish Humanitarian Action, and Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network) had been published in the e-learning platform, created for purposes of the online training. 22 people of 72 who participated in the on-line training continued their education at the 5-day stationary training under the name "School of Global Education Trainers." At the end all of the e-learning materials had been shared with 100 teachers from primary schools across Poland.

Finally, trained educators conducted workshops for more than 100 classes in 80 schools throughout the country. More than half of these schools then took part in a contest for the most interesting celebration of the Global Education Week.