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BRAVE KIDS PERU - development of children and adolescents living on the streets and in the so-called "pueblos jovenes" of Lima.

The project was carried out during the period 1 June - 31 December 2011. A volunteer was in Lima, Peru from 15 September to 28 December 2011. The project was taken by the “Song of the Goat” Theatre Association. The local partner was the Association for integral children, youngsters and youth in the situation of poverty and social exclusion - Ayllu Situwa.

The aim of the project was to reduce poverty among children and adolescents living in Lima, by a volunteer service at the Ayllu Situwa centre, in which lives 8 boys from poor families that are endangered by the risk of social exclusion and criminality.

The main elements of the project were the direct care and skills development of boys, in the form of photography and IT classes, as well as workshops on children's rights, natural environment protection and cultural education. Additionally, the volunteer supervised their health, education and spare time, as well as increased the management and IT skills of the centre’s staff. Furthermore, the volunteer was involved in the implementation of other local partner’s development projects, mainly the one entitled "An apprenticeship of adolescents from the poorest social groups of Lima, in order to fight poverty and crime prevention", co-financed under the “Polish Aid” Small Grants Programme. Within this project, the volunteer led the recruitment, career counseling and IT trainings, as well as created the website www.ayllusituwa.org/chambeaperu.

In total, the volunteer conducted 73 hours of workshops for the boys from the Ayllu Situwa centre. He trained 75 people from the use of computer software, of which 25 took an advantage of the more advanced consultation. Additionally, 3 people from the centre’s staff increased their management and communication skills.

As a part of the educational component, the volunteer managed the website and blog www.bravefestival.pl/peru, where among others he published interviews with Roma, Czech, Polish, Ugandan, Ingushetian and Palestinian children. Furthermore, he elaborated the case studies on the impact of cultural education on children's development, in order to use them for educational activities of the organization. The educational materials were also published in the form of CDs and on the website. The volunteer activities in Poland were finished by the lecture and screening of a documentary about the Ayllu Situwa centre, as well as the vernissage and exhibition of pictures from Peru.