Polska pomoc


Awareness Raising Campaign about the impact of economic decisions on the implementation of Millenium Development Goals

The project of Foundation CentrumCSR.PL was addressed to the Polish society, and it was implemented between the 26th of April and the 31st of December 2013. Its aim was to show that even minor decisions we take every day may influence the economic situation of the developing countries and lives of their residents. The project demonstrates that the choices of the European consumers may change the fate and the working conditions of those employed in the factories and plantations of the countries of the Global South.

As part of the project, a media campaign showing the influence of investments on human rights was organised.  Information about violations of human and workers’ rights and about working conditions in the countries of the Global South appeared in public transportation in Warsaw (on the screens in 130 MZA buses and in the metro). Three openings of the exhibition “Dirty Profit. Business. Human Rights. Developing Countries” were organised as well. The interest of the media was increased by organising three press breakfasts and delivering three releases about the project to the press.

Five thematic seminars addressed to students, academics, journalists and the representatives of the private sector attracted the total of over 100 participants. The seminars concerned the following issues:

  • Multinational corporations and the living conditions and human rights in the countries of the Global South (3rd of July, Warszawa)
  • Socially responsible investment (19-20th of October, Jachranka)
  • Living and working conditions in the developing countries and the activities of the multinational corporations and the financial sector (24th of October, Toruń)
  • (Ir)responsible profit (12th of December, Warszawa)
  • (Ir)responsibility of the clothing industry (16th of December, Warszawa)

Additionally, two reports describing global interdependences influencing development processes were prepared (“Dirty profit. How corporations, banks and investment funds benefit from human rights violations”, and “Cheap computers at the expense of the IT factories’ workers in China”).