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Attracting tourism. Exchange of experiences between Poznań and Kutaisi.

Poznan and Kutaisi are twin cities. The Tourist magnet project is their sixth joint undertaking funded by Polish aid. This project addresses the problem of low tourist recognition of Kutaisi. The reason for this is a lack of modern tourist management and inadequate cooperation between public administrations and the tourism sector. Therefore, the main objective was to transfer knowledge and best practices in this field and to suggest a unified municipal tourist information system for the city of Kutaisi and its surroundings.

Beneficiaries consisted of participants of an internship in Poznan. The group was made up of 15 people from Kutaisi, who represented institutions, organisations and firms active in various tourist areas, such as the Kutaisi Town Hall, newly established tourist information centres, the hotel industry, as well as tour operators. The knowledge acquired during the internship in Poznan was then passed on to co-workers and disseminated across the tourism industry.

Attracting tourism. Exchange of experiences between Poznań and Kutaisi.

The main purpose of cooperation between Poznan and Kutaisi in the Tourist magnet project was to improve the quality of tourism services in Kutaisi and design a municipal tourist information system for the city and its surroundings. The project was drawn up jointly on the basis of Georgia’s needs, which had been presented as part of the city’s partnership with Poznan.

The project was implemented between March and October 2014, with individual components being carried out in Poznan (Wielkopolska) and in Kutaisi (Imereti). The Poznan City Hall enjoyed the support of the Poznan Local Tourist Organisation and tourism experts.

Attracting tourism. Exchange of experiences between Poznań and Kutaisi.

The first stage of project implementation consisted of a visit on the part of specialists from Poznan to Kutaisi (6-13 April 2014) to examine the current state of the local tourism industry. A report was prepared under the title “The status of tourism in Kutaisi and its surroundings,” being the initial document for the action plan for the development of tourism in the city.

The two-week internship in Poznan (19-31 May 2014) enabled 19 people from Kutaisi to improve their knowledge and skills. Through participation in training and workshops with Polish specialists and during study visits to tourist service centres, trainees from Kutaisi improved their knowledge and skills in new solutions and technologies in the tourism industry, products, services and methods of management and information acquisition. The groundwork was created for a municipal tourist information system for Kutaisi and its surroundings, together with an action plan outlining the principles of cooperation and the scope of partnership.

During the visit to Kutaisi to sum up the project (1-5 October 2014), a platform for cooperation between local administrative units was initiated.