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At the foot of the mountain – non-formal education program for youth from Palacagüina, Nicaragua

In the time period between June 18th and December 31st 2010 One World Association in cooperation with The Congregation of the Divine World – Central America Region SVD executed a project in the scope of non-formal education in Palacagüina in Nicaragua. The project was aimed mostly at teenagers, but extended its reach to the whole local community. Thanks to training a sports coach and assembling a team of volunteers the activities started during the project were continued after its termination.

The objective of the project was to create, accordingly to local Development Strategy, the non-formal education programme for teenagers living in Nicaraguan borough Palacagüina and to strengthen the understanding of the sustainable development idea. In a country where access to education, especially at post-primary level, is not universal the role of non-formal education is extraordinary - it is a chance to shape attitudes, values, skills and knowledge without the necessity to create rigid frames of teaching process, within the needs of recipient groups and local communities. The offer of these types of classes for teenagers was practically non-existent in Palacagüina – the aim of the project was to fill that gap, while at the same time executing the second Millennial Development Objective concerning assurance of universal access to education. The project executed the aims of polish development aid contributing to the social development of  Palacagüina district in compliance with the strategy of development adopted by the local government.

As a part of the project the volunteer conducted sports classes (workouts, workshop meetings, contests), sustainable development workshops, theater classes, and organised tale reading. In total 60 trainings (180 hours), 18 workshops (27 hours) and 12 meetings of the theater group, during which a performance later watched by over 400 spectators from two local communities (Palacagüina and Leon) was prepared, were held. The volunteer organised also a football competition in which 8 teams made up of 15 players took part and which was watched by 150 supporters live and viewers on the local television. In cooperation with local youth the volunteer organised a Youth Week and Corn Festival – events aimed at the entire local community and engaging  youths as local volunteers. 43 local volunteers joined the preparation of the first event, while the second 35 volunteers.

As a part of educational initiative 5 recordings of Nicaraguan tales and 2 workshop scripts were created and published on the One World Association website and created specifically for this purpose YouTube channel (BajkaZaBajke).