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Amphitheater renovation in Spitak

The aim of the project was to create a common space for the citizen integration of the society of Spitak city. Due to the undertaken initiative, it became possible for residents to spend time together, taking part in entertainment activities, which gave the impulse for society to undertake joint actions.

City of Spitak, which lays in the northern part of Armenia (Lori province) by Pambak river, was lacking a public space dedicated to local society. Research of the needs of local residents indicated, that for 62% of responders the most valuable asset of a city is community. In turn, 54% of the questioned agrees, that the common cooperation of habitants and establishment of places where locals could gather, is the best way of “enhancing the spirit of Spitak”.

The project concentrated on the creation of a safe space for the whole society. The amphitheater was overhauled and renovated, the audio system was installed. Authorities of Spitak city financed cleanup of park area next to the amphitheater, tidying paths and planting new plants. As a result, a new, friendly space was created for the entire community. It became the place where concerts and meetings are organized. The park also works as an additional encouragement for habitants to go out and take part in the life of the city.

Project value: 41 749 pln (for the purpose of conversion 1 euro = 4,1749 pln)