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AfryKamera 2010

On behalf of the FilmGramm foundation  you are invited

to the 5th Festival of African Films AfryKamera 2010

The program includes:

  • - a silent movie with live music
  • - the best feature films of recent years
  • - documentaries and short films
  • - exhibitions and slide shows
  • - meetings, debates, workshops

You can see the films and attend the accompanying events from September 30 to October 13
in five cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk.

What is AfryKamera?

AfryKamera is an independent project by a group of enthusiasts. Its first edition was held in 2006 thanks to the support of other equally wacky and surrealistic people. Though not ideal, the initiative was judged a success. AfryKamera  has the objective of stimulating a positive perception of Africa in Poland.  There is grief and tears in Africa, but also joy and music. It's a diverse continent, full of contrasts. So, why don't you come to our Polish-African cultural dialog?

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