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Academy of good governance for Moldova

One of the objectives of the European Union’s Eastern Policy is to prepare the countries concerned for accession. According to the report of 19 May 2011, prepared by ADEPT and Expert-Group, which analyses the status of plans and declarations concerning internal reforms accepted by the Moldovan government, one of the reasons for the slow pace of reforms to bring Moldova closer to EU standards is poor administrative efficiency. The biggest problems are also related to implementation of the law. Many of the adopted strategies and provisions remain solely on paper. It is possible to change this state of affairs by pointing out the proper standards of operation of the administration and the possibilities created by the European Union on the basis of own experience.

The Lubuskie Province has a wealth of experience related to implementing EU funds. By being a partner to the local government authorities of Chisinau, it can help the administration in Chisinau prepare for effective absorption of EU funds and convey knowledge and skills related to European administrative standards.

In 2008, the Marshal’s Office of the Lubuskie Province in Zielona Gora together with the Provincial Office in Gorzow Wielkopolski (the project coordinator) commenced implementation of the project “Now Moldova! The Lubuskie experience – European opportunities” aimed at supporting Moldovan local self-government in the process of cross-border cooperation and acquisition of European Union funds.

Academy of good governance for Moldova

The general objective of the project was to create the foundations for professionalisation of the system of management for the local government authorities of Chisinau by showing best management practices and to prepare the regional administration for active absorption of EU funds. The project included the participation of 10 representatives of Chisinau through study visits to Poland and a seminar titled “Academy of good governance.” Seminar topics included the role of strategic programming in the region’s development, good and bad practices in implementation of EU programmes, cooperation of local government with non-governmental organisations, examples of public-private partnership, support for local initiatives in cooperation with local government administrations, operation of the system of informing about European funds, management of local governments with regard to effective absorption of EU funds and Polish experiences in the implementation of projects from EU funds and in cooperation with Moldova.

In addition, two two-week internships were planned for representatives of authorities of Chisinau in the Marshal’s Office of Lubuskie Province to acquire practical skills related to the system of informing about European funds. Moldovan trainees were acquainted with the operation of the Marshal’s Office of the province, GPI and Europe Direct Information Points, the Foundation for Local Democracy Development in Zielona Gora, the Zagan Local Development Agency, the Local Information Point in Zagan, the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Gorzow Wielkopolski, and the Karol Marcinkowski Provincial Hospital of the Independent Public Health Care Establishment in Zielona Gora.

To consolidate the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge, a publication was issued under the title “Academy of good governance for Moldova – modern methods of managing local government administration on the example of Lubuskie Province.”

Academy of good governance for Moldova

The project will strengthen the institutional potential and capacity of the Moldovan side by increasing knowledge about areas where EU financial support can be provided, with practical pointers on economic development in terms of EU guidelines. We assume that the proposed topics of the individual stages of the project will make it possible to introduce new institutional and technical solutions in Moldova. Practical knowledge and skills in project management, strategic programming and effective informing about European funds will be provided to 10 representatives of the administration and two interns of local government authorities of Chisinau. Moreover, good governance outcomes will be popularised in Chisinau’s local government through the preparation and issue of a manual titled “Academy of good governance for Moldova – modern methods of managing local government administration based on the example of Lubuskie Province.”