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4rd International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC

The results of a survey carried out by TNS OBOP for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 2010 indicate that for research participants the TV was the most important source of information about the assistance granted byPolandto other countries (89%). The aforementioned survey showed the need to prepare a project reaching the greatest possible number of social groups. The HumanDOC Festival is the first cultural and educational event of the kind in Central andEastern Europe, organised by the HumanDOC Foundation since 2010. The purpose of the project was to sustainably and cyclically raise and expand the awareness among the Polish society of development in the world and global developmental interrelations as well as ofPoland's commitment to development cooperation.

The beneficiaries of the project included ca. 20,000 people of different age, social and professional background: teenagers, students, graduates, NGOs, volunteers, academic staff, experts, journalists, foreigners staying in Warsaw and people with disabilities.

During 4 days of the festival (November 2013) 22 full-length movies and 10 awareness-raising campaigns were shown in Kinoteka in thePalaceofCultureand Science inWarsaw. For two months, the movies were also presented in 10 cinemas throughoutPoland, associated within the DKF and SKSiL networks. In cooperation with theInstituteofInternational Relationsat theUniversityofWarsawalso 3 discussion panels were organised inWarsawdedicated to film-related topics. Furthermore, 10 films and 3 movies adapted to the needs of the blind and hard of hearing were made available free of charge for a month at the Iplex.pl Internet platform. A photo contest was also organised in cooperation with theInstituteofInternational Relationsat theUniversityofWarsaw. Additionally, 4 meetings with film authors, protagonists and experts took place. The events were accompanied by competitions with awards in the form of free tickets, as well as a photo exhibition promoting knowledge about the situation in the countries of the Global South presented for a week in Kinoteka.