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3rd HumanDOC International Film Festival

The project was implemented between the 1st of May and the 31st of December 2012 in Warsaw and 9 other Polish cities (Ciechanów, Skierniewice, Tarnowskie Góry, Kraków, Kielce, Zamość, Garwolin, Wrocław, Opole). The aim of the project was to raise awareness of the Polish society about the concepts of development around the world and global developmental interdependences. The film review presenting the issues related to the global development was to bring the audience closer to the reality of the poorer countries, to encourage the spectators to act, and to enable the exchange of the experiences with the experts. Another aim of the project was to present the information about the Millennium Development Goals and the involvement of Poland in the developmental cooperation.

During the four-day festival HumanDoc in Kinoteka in the Palace of Culture in Warsaw, 27 films and 10 public service announcements from around the world were shown. The films presented from 25 to 28 October 2012 tackled the problems of the global development, showing global interconnections, problems and challenges. The following films were awarded:

  • “Afghan Star” by Havana Marking: Grand Prix for the foreign film
  • “18 kg” by Kacper Czubak: Grand Prix for the Polish film
  • “Blood in the Mobile” by Frank Piasecki: People’s Choice Award
  • “Pit no 8” by Marianna Kaat: distinction

Four panel discussions and additional meetings with the authors were held after the film screenings. The International Relations Institute of the University of Warsaw and Amnesty International were the co-organisers of the panels. Among the discussed problems were the issues of developmental aid in Africa, development models of Asia, the consequences of the Arab Spring, and the human rights. 2357 people participated in the film screenings in Warsaw, and 285 attended the panel discussions.

Another activity organised as part of the project was a film workshop related to the aspects of working in the countries of the Global South. Apart from the screenings in Kinoteka, 15 films were uploaded to IPLEX.pl, where they were available for one month. Outside Warsaw, the films were displayed in 10 cinemas around Poland. These events attracted 1155 spectators in total. A contest for the best literary work inspired by the festival films was organised in cooperation with the International Relations Institute of the University of Warsaw. Another competition on Facebook was organised as well. In Warsaw, 5 meetings with the directors, film protagonists and experts were held. During the week of the festival, in the hall of Kinoteka an exhibition promoting knowledge of the countries of the Global South was installed. The exhibition was provided by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the information provided by the project coordinator, the total number of the recipients of all abovementioned activities exceeded 27,000.