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2016 training for officials from the EaP countries about to begin

Another edition of courses organised by the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration will be launched soon. This year, four training modules will be available:

  • local government reform - for Georgian officials,
  • implementation of the Association Agreements’/DCFTA’s provisions on trade in agricultural products - for representatives of Georgia’s, Moldova’s and Ukraine’s state administration,
  • fighting corruption in Ukraine – for Ukrainian officials,
  • internships in the area of ​​civil service - for representatives of all EaP countries.

This year's training will be attended by over 60 officials.

In 2011–2015, 16 training modules were organized as part of the Academy’s activities. They were attended by 316 representatives of public administration authorities from the EaP countries. Georgia’s administration was most largely represented (102 persons), followed by Moldova (68 persons) and Ukraine (59). Azerbaijan’s government administration was represented by 35 officials, Armenia’s - by 34, and Belarus’ - by 18.

The Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration was established in 2011 in order to strengthen government administration in the Eastern Partnership countries by organising specialist training for officials. The programme is implemented by the MFA’s Department of Development Cooperation together with the National School of Public Administration (KSAP) under Polish development cooperation.

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